Our Approach

Children with Autism have a unique way of learning about their world. The Timothy School’s individualized instruction focuses on the unique needs and interests of each child. This structure enables our students to understand that learning can be fun and meaningful. They feel motivated each day as we celebrate every achievement they make. We carefully shape specialized programs that incorporate best practices and research-based models of instruction throughout the school. For example, communication and socialization are taught with therapists and teachers simultaneously to maximize language development and alternative forms of communication.

As part of our individualized approach, The Timothy School emphasizes collaboration with parents, teachers, specialists, and therapists to develop an engaging plan for each child. The specialized instructional strategies represent a wide range of approaches designed to meet the students’ learning strengths and needs. While the program is eclectic, it provides the framework for methodologies that include structured teaching (TEACCH), applied behavioral analysis, positive behavioral supports, picture exchange systems, assistive technology and community-based instruction.